Carelike focuses on meaningful alignment

By supporting transparency and improved quality and safety in transition support services, Carelike focuses on meaningful alignment among physicians, care managers, patients, and their families by delivering scalable, professional care management solutions that support:

Decreased re-admission rates

Improved care management (Impact Act)

Improved communication

Increased efficiency in the discharge process

Leveraging a proprietary best-in-class database with patient engagement tools, Carelike’s suite of care technology applications supports hospitals in many ways.


Carelike’s data directory allows discharge planners easy access to PAC current information, services offered, contact information and more. Gain access to information on over 370,000 providers across 24 categories of care. Carelike collects data from 430 different sources including CMS, state data, licensing bureaus and advocacy partners. Our data is updated with a frequency that meets hospital interoperability and clinical utilization standards. We can deliver data in a variety of ways to meet your organization’s needs including a web API, a customized web portal, or integrating it into your existing EMR system (including EPIC).

Data Importer

Manage your current post-acute care and community care data with CareCompare. Import, normalize, concatenate, and update with Carelike. Carelike’s data importer tool can take your current directory and cross-reference it to refresh your organization’s post-acute and community care data. Data decays at a rate of 26% per year, with hospitals and payers incentivized to lower costs to deliver care, can your organization afford inaccurate data? Inaccuracies in data is costly and creates security issues, impacts safety, and even affects financials. Remove inaccuracies and validate your providers with Carelike.

Web Portals

Carelike’s current clients use custom web-portals internally for their case managers and discharge nurses and externally for patients and caregivers to take control and make a complicated illness feel less overwhelming. Clients who have made a web-portal available to patients and their families have found value in improving patient compliance, decreasing obstacles for the patients, and decreasing inappropriate readmissions. Finding local post-acute care services and community based care is easy with a custom-built portal. Carelike’s web-portals report on safety and quality metrics and pulls CMS ratings, where available. Web-portals can be tailored with your organization’s brand and colors, category preferences, custom filters, and can even prioritize contracted providers of your organization’s choice.
Additionally, Carelike’s custom web portals can include our proprietary CareMatch technology. With Carelike’s CareMatch technology, case managers, discharge nurses and even the patients and their families can fill out a needs based questionnaire and conduct a comprehensive search by explicitly stating their preferences. From there, the CareMatch technology compares specific needs to PAC and community care providers whose services match those needs. Top matched providers appear at the top of search results while all other providers are still pulled into the search but placed below.

Mobile Communications Interface

Our mobile communication engagement tool allows your organization to create advanced patient engagement campaigns. Communicate with patients for educational purposes or deploy a robust communication campaign to Carelike’s network of non-clinical healthcare providers. By leveraging Carelike’s network of providers, your communication is with those who are interacting with the patient more frequently and for longer periods of time than traditional clinically trained personnel (such as nurses, case managers, social workers). The solution reviews escalation criteria and can alert personnel at your organization when patient responses meet criteria for medical intervention like a phone call or follow-up appointment.

Our data categories, which can be integrated into your current EMR system, include:

Care at Home

  • Home Health
  • Home Care
  • Hospice

Housing Options

  • Independent Living Communities
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Nursing Home / Rehab Facilities

Day Programs & Support Services

  • Adult Day Services
  • Transportation
  • Transition Move Managers
  • Voluntary Health Organizations
  • Area Agencies on Aging
  • Aging & Disability Resource Centers
  • Alzheimer's Association Chapters

Professional Services

  • Diabetes Educators
  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Geriatric Care Managers

Medical Services

  • Medical Supplies & DME
  • Pharmacies
  • Physicians
  • Wound Care Centers
  • Hyperbaric Treatment Centers
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Hospitals
  • Alzheimer's Disease Center