All health care Is not the same.

Changes in care settings and the desire for care at home is revolutionizing healthcare.

Patients are proactive consumers.

Patients are seeking to manage their own outcomes and looking for solutions that work for them and those helping with their care.

Carelike supports improved outcomes.

Carelike is dedicated supporting the goal of improved outcomes, health and daily living care.



  • Decrease avoidable re-admissions
  • Increase efficiency of discharge process and call centers
  • Reduce number of unnecessary post discharge calls seeking
  • Improve communication, patient satisfaction and care management scores
  • Enhance your EMR, portals, apps and population health programs without costly and time consuming integration
  • Foster community physician relationships to engage and retain your patient base



  • Decrease unnecessary utilization of care services
  • Improve case manager call center efficiency
  • Support social determinants of health strategy
  • Increase HEDIS and STAR scores
  • Enhance provider to patient and caregiver communications
  • Stimulate population health programs, app downloads and use and portal activity level

Patient Advocacy


  • Improve call center efficiency and member support
  • Increase exposure for grants and funding
  • Drive repeat traffic to website
  • Enhance marketing and chapter initiatives
  • Deploy robust patient, caregiver and provider engagement and education campaign
  • Stimulate app downloads and use and program and resource utilization

Pharma & Life Sciences


  • Increase support services repeat website traffic
  • Enable ease of use exposure to support services
  • Stimulate sales force provider initiatives
  • Enhance existing adherence programs
  • Market to post acute and community care providers


Alzheimer’s Association and AARP Join Forces to Connect More Families with Local Dementia Care and Support Resources

Carelike is excited to announce the launch of the new Community Resource Finder (CRF) a collaborative project of the Alzheimer’s Association and AARP Family Caregiving. The CRF provides patients with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, their families and caregivers with access to local support services to assist them in transitions throughout their journey. Contact Carelike if we can assist in your patient support mission....

Mark Lomas | Press Release , | September 14, 2018

Technology is a must for patient engagement, but it isn’t a cure-all

There's no shortage of patient portals, mobile apps and chatbots out there, but too often, health systems haven't deployed them in any meaningful way, expert says....

Mark Lomas | | March 08, 2018

CMS’ Discharge Planning Proposed Rule and the IMPACT on Post-Acute Care Transitions

The IMPACT Act, which is still in the process of being implemented today, was an effort to standardize those assessments across all PAC providers, so that case managers and others would be able to compare apples to apples and make the best care decisions for their patients....

Stephanie Jackson | | October 27, 2017